I first saw Bauhaus in early 1980 at a small club in Nottingham. I had no idea what to expect. Don’t forget that ‘Goth’ didn’t exist as a movement. The early Bauhaus fans were a mixture of Bowie fans, Banshee followers, Rocky Horror fans and Punks who had moved on in search of something new. The only thing we seemed to have in common was a sense of romantic horror - and we were all amazingly dressed in black. Then everything came together as Bauhaus came on stage. Pete was dressed in long Johns and cut off boots. Full make up and cheek bones that would cut. And then Danny - God!! Even as a straight man, I instantly fell in love!! His unearthly beauty stunned the whole audience. Wearing a toga style off the shoulder top, a string of pearls and leather trousers. Then straight into Dark Entries. God yeah!!



Bauhaus - All We Ever Wanted



they are so fluffly


Love and Rockets - All In My Mind

Did no one notice that Clubber murdered Mickey? Did everyone just choose to ignore it?